Sappho Books, Cafe & Bar

We are one of Sydney's favourite general second-hand Bookstores. Walk through to our beautiful courtyard Cafe that transforms into a tapas Bar at night. We are also now home to Da Capo Music Bookshop, the only dedicated second-hand sheet music store in Australia. We buy and sell used books, sheet music and records, host live music and events and are available for venue hire.

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We are always looking to buy secondhand books, however we have to be selective about what we buy, so please read the notes below carefully. Saturdays are very busy at Sappho so, if possible, please come in either very early or on another day.

How buying works

If you bring your books into the shop, then we are happy to go through them on the spot, pull out the ones we can use and make an offer on them. We are happy to look at anything and sort through any books, but we will only make an offer on the ones we can use. We prefer not to work off lists or photos, as we can’t reliably assess condition.

An appointment is not necessary for books, but you are welcome to make one if you would like to, by phone or email. However, for sheet music an appointment is necessary if you want them assessed on the spot.

We will offer you an option of cash or credit. Credit is double the cash offer and is valid for one year. It can only be used in the bookstore (not the cafe or bar).

What we are buying

Give us a call if you would like to run through the subjects you have and we can tell you what we are looking for at the moment. This may save you carting in books that we are currently unable to use. Alternatively, you can just bring them in and we will sort through them on the spot. We are used to dealing with many boxes of books.

At the moment we are being offered lots of books, so we are being quite selective.

We are only able to take crime thrillers and popular fiction books if they have been published in the last 2-3 years and are paperbacks.

Please note that we don’t buy textbooks or encyclopaedias.

Vinyl records

We are now also buying vinyl records. We are primarily interested in classic rock, punk, pop, and to a lesser extent, classical and jazz.

Sheet Music

We are very keen to buy sheet music. We are after modern, playable editions. You need to come in when there is a music buyer in, which is usually between 10am and 3.30pm, Monday to Thursday.

We'll let you know whether it's the type of thing we need at the moment and help arrange a good time for you to come in and show them to a buyer. It is not necessary to make an appointment - we are happy to go through and make you an offer on the spot - but it is always helpful if you let us know you're coming in.

We'll offer you an option of cash or credit. Credit is double the cash offer and is valid for one year. It can only be used in the bookstore (not the cafe or bar).

When to bring them in and finding us

If you would like to go ahead, you can bring your books/vinyls/music in any day of the week after 10.30am, and we will look at them on the spot. However, it is best NOT to come in on Saturdays, particularly between 11am and 3pm, as we are usually very busy and it can be difficult to find space to park.

There are a few parking spots in front of the shop, and one loading zone. Beyond these, the safest spot to park is the lane by the school, which is the first left off Glebe Point Road after Parramatta Road.

We are located next to Gleebooks, opposite the Glebe Primary School, on the Parramatta Road end of Glebe Point Road.

Email: OR

Phone: (02) 9552 4498