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We have over 30,000 titles available over our three floors in a huge range of categories – art, literature, history, politics, religion, philosophy, science and foreign language, to name a few.

Titles come and go all the time so if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, keep coming back, it’s likely to turn up, and in the meantime you’re bound to find something else that takes your fancy!

We are always looking for new stock!

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Need a gift for a book lover who already seems to have them all? They’re bound to find something interesting at Sappho with one of our gift certificates in hand!

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Niki bar

A courtyard oasis

Sappho is the perfect place for catching up with family, sharing coffee with friends,  love trysts … or even just treating yourself to a nice glass of wine.

“Coffee is a way of stealing time that should by rights belong to your older self.” 
― Terry Pratchett, Thud!

Batboy reads a book

We like to be noticed…

There's lots to love about this place. Sapphos Cafe and Bar is a leafy courtyard hidden behind the secondhand book store. The walls are painted with murals and there's always great music playing. It feels like a little oasis to chill in. The staff are friendly, service is prompt and the food is always delicious. My personal faves are the Veggie Brekkie or the Fig and Raisin Sourdough Rye with berry jam for a quick bite. The fluffy cat is also an added bonus.
April Farago
April Farago
My fave cafe in Sydney! I had my Bookclub there once a month for 4 years. So many good times there. The ambience is fantastic (particular in Spring and Summer!). Great coffee and vibe and you can’t go past their avocado and cheese melt! Such a cool place, with awesome events offered too.
Lisa Bonnici
Lisa Bonnici
Excellent coffee and food options in a quiet area at the back of the bookstore. Great vegan selection too.
Troy Kenah
Troy Kenah
The ambience here is incredible, the staff are always friendly, the coffee is delicious. I love love love coming here. Best place to sit and read, or have a meaningful conversation with friends, or just to think.
Iyat Khalid
Iyat Khalid
This lovely bookshop and cafe is one of my favorite places in Sydney! A great little place to enjoy some delicious chai tea in the courtyard while playing a board game or reading a book. Good music and friendly staff. Thank you! 🙂
Katharina Boger
Katharina Boger
Amazing vibes! I loved their bar, such a special place for bringing friends. They do great cocktails and often have live music 🙂 love it!
Carm N
Carm N
Good selection of books (for Sydney) and well organized. Nice vibe. Pricewise approximately half of new books value.
Michal Krotofil
Michal Krotofil
Amazing food options and a unique cosy environment to enjoy it all. A must visit for all book lovers!
Saurab Chaturvedi
Saurab Chaturvedi
One of my favourite destinations in glebe, behind the facade of the book store you will find a beautiful outdoor dining area. Great vegan options and dog friendly
Ryan Ryot Bownds
Ryan Ryot Bownds
Sappho is the best second hand bookshop in Sydney. Their range of local Australian authors in fiction, history and arts is extensive. The cafe at the back just adds to the charm, with a green beautiful courtyard out the back. It's licensed too; so you can have a coffee here during the day or a wine in the evening. Above all, this place is quintessentially Glebe - a cultural treasure and hidden gem of the inner west of Sydney.
Elliot Jameson
Elliot Jameson
A unique theme, absolute go to for book lovers. You can buy 2nd hand books from them. The food is a bit pricey then normal, but overall ambience js good.
Nirvan Dave
Nirvan Dave
Beautiful, quaint place. Paradise for book lovers and some great food! Perfect for some alone time or with your kid or other book lovers 😊
Really chilled out space that just oozes a creative vibe, nice shared platters which are a decent size.
This is my absolute favourite place to get away, drink good coffee and daydream as I browse the day away. I wish I lived closer so that I could visit every week... but then I would probably own an entire library of books 🤔😎
Great place for book fans, enjoy a coffee or some delicious food in the cafe. I dare you to leave without a book!
Quirky cafe with loads of character and cute little nooks for enjoying amazing food the best coffee around!
We had our 25th wedding anniversary party at Sappho. The staff put everything on seamlessly, we didn't have to do anything all night, just kick back and enjoy the food, drinks and company!
The books are amazing and the vibe is gorgeous. Would definitely recommend going there and checking it out, especially for the books and the cute cat upstairs!
I would like to thank everyone involved for ensuring that every aspect of our wedding night was exactly as we imagined. Friendly staff, incredible food and the cafe provided the perfect backdrop for photos.
It is on of the best cafe in Glebe & excellent vegetarian food, chai tea, latte - we have been returning to this establishment for past 10 years🎉
LoVe Sappho Bar! Fantastic setting & great staff (say hello to Jeb & Zoe)!Love their live music & especially the "Poetry" & "Open Mic" nights!Best place in Glebe!Highly recommended!
We went on Saturday evening for a couple of drinks. Lovely back garden type feel with pretty lighting and excellent music. Very laid back and friendly. Added bonus of being attached to an independent bookshop. Really quirky and will definitely go back. One of the nicest bars I've been to in Sydney.
I love everything about this place. Have been here countless times and enjoyed my experience every time. Love the reasonably priced yummy food, the atmosphere and of course the secondhand books!
Haven't gone for breakfast or lunch. Night time in my opinion is the best time to be at Sappho's. Beautiful live music each time I've been. Relaxing, great vibe, great for anything, dates, meeting up with a friend for a drink. Staff are helpful and food and drinks are on point. I love everything about this place. It feels like I'm sitting in my backyard and someone has jazzed it up with fairy lights and a beautiful live band. Have introduced alot of friends to this place and each of them have adored it like I do.
A treasure trove, if you dig around. Most of the books are in good condition and I forgot to buy the book about faeries!! Will definitely return. Coffee is good, or could always go for their craft beers.
Sappho Books Cafe and Wine Bar, has been Emad's residency for nearly 6years. It's a great place for smokers and nonsmokers. It has a large back yard with tables and chairs, where one can meet people , have a drink or even read a book, have a birthday party or even get married there. I first knew Sappho as a book shop, and was a regular customer there, but in the last few years I have been helping my son Emad, by being his Roadie. We enjoy going there.
I have to say it was the hippiest place I have ever attempted! But didn't feel pretentious! It felt nice.. cocktails were reasonably priced and lovely!
Nice relaxing atmosphere and good service. Looking forward to the poetry evenings this forthcoming 2017!
Great relaxed atmosphere, delicious food, cheerful and courteous staff. Can't wait for another vegan iced coffee 😀
Enjoyed a relaxing brunch, coffee was good, food was great and the whole team was friendly and courteous. A very relaxed atmosphere.
Sappho made my day once again: perfect iced latte created by the beautiful and loving Hannah. Delicious chicken panini. Toasted to perfection. Everything on the menu is a poetic combination of well-chosen ingredients, put together with care and flair by delightful staff. Always leave with a big smile that lasts all day.
Beautiful atmosphere, delicious food, excellent coffee & amazing service! I love the fact that there's a complete separate vegan menu as well - so thoughtful! The various artworks scattered around the café space also add a comforting, artsy touch to the already wonderful atmosphere, and the fact that it's also a book shop truly makes Sappho perfect.
I discovered this place on a Friday morning casually walking through Glebe. The atmosphere is to die for and classic literature lovers will certainly appreciate it's simple beauty. A lovely outdoorsy area to enjoy a cup of tea and lunch while reading through your favourite books and a very cosy upstairs library. I also purchased a few first additions which were unbelievably cheap with adorable dedications.
Amazing little find. Just stumbled across this restaurant whilst looking for someswhere to fulfil a cheeseboard craving. It was wonderful. Impressive wine list too. Was curious of the names of the 2 girls playing guitar and singing last friday night. Could u let me know?
"That amazing taste of Sappho's coffee and that environment in the morning, I think I was living the dream. It's been almost two years but still missing that taste. The best coffee ever I had was in Sappho."

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